Lots of pain from the removal of two jerk wisdom teeth but i’m trying to get some drawing done! I’m behind on spn draw june and the #spnchallenge and a whole bunch of other things too…  

Thanks for the new follows on this blog! my notice is relevant here too.

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Hey guys!
me and rocketgills will be at Animenext next weekend! if you’re around come stop by!

I finished my film! It’s screening at the SVA Dusty Awards on Sunday May 11th. I’m having really mixed feelings about it now, but when I was actually done I was so happy and proud of all the work that I was able to do, and all the work that my class was able to do as well! Go SVA animation family!

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Had a wonderful time at Castle Point! Trying to get this thesis done and then I’ll be working on new prints for AnimeNext!

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some last minute animation I did today!
one of my main backgrounds for my thesis film! damn this took 100 years
one of my last prints for AnimeBoston was my daft punk gamers. I totally forgot they were in DJ Hero (or that it even existed) until I got to the con and overheard people passing by.
print version of my cas gif for a postcard for AnimeBoston